Do you know or have you heard about it? No! Good for you!

Unfortunately, I have, and the knowledge has been ‘a modern nightmare’ and a scary experience. Great and repeated promises of huge profit, but the result was opposite. Great loss, nervous breakdown, and now they retain my balance. Pure scam company, my friends, so stay away, just stay away.

It’s not 60OP. It’s 60O-NO!

It all began in September 2018. Curiosity, innate greediness, 3 unlucky mouse-clic, and suddenly I was on the website of It looked good - and still does - so I placed €1000 - and was trapped. Same mechanism as a Carnivorous plant, that traps innocent insects. Few minuts later a received a phone-call, and the game started!

Mr. Benjamin Mayer became my contact person, my account manager. Friendly, speedtalking, humouristic and very, very persistent. A man, who never takes a ‘no for an answer’. Like 'brainwash'! He gave the impression, that he was an expert with many years in the business. If that’s thru, I really don’t know. Cannot tell, what’s right and what’s fake. He knew the market, the more money I could bring in, the greater profit for me. From day one he promised me two things. Potential profit of 67%, almost guaranteed, and withdraw whenever I wanted it. Both promises have been false!

The investment pattern is to open orders, where at least one order creates a huge loss. To protect your balance, which now is very low, is to bring in more money. In my case, I have opened orders in October, about Christmas and again in March. Despite Mr. Benjamin Mayer has convinced me, that he was an expert, and was called Mr. 67%, he managed all three times to choose the wrong direction for specific stocks. No profit for me, but great loss. I had to bring in €25.000 and had to do it in October and after Christmas. If I didn’t, all my investments were gone, he told me. In March it was even worse. Now I needed €110.000 to solve the problems.

“The market is against you”, Mr. Benjamin told me, and of course it was bullshit. I was a novice, an amateur without knowledge, but still with confidence to Mr. Benjamin’s skills and with the expectation about the company’s professionalism. The market wasn’t against me. It was just a matter of choosing the right direction for the development of the specific stock, and if you discover, that the market is going up instead of down, and vice versa, just cancel the order. Take the small loss, and go back in the market, but now in the opposite direction. Not that difficult, and should be rather easy for an expert - at least when the market is moving so violently up or down. Unfortunately, Mr. Benjamin Mayer did none of this. He kept me locked up and kept me loosing. The issue was never to gain profit. It was to gain loss. Only by making me loose my money, he could force me to bring in new deposit! And if I made a new deposit - in March they wanted me to find €110.000 to recover! - the Company would insted give me a huge bonus - up to €325.000. Nice, but unneccesary, because I could in fact close all open orders. I did it with a lose, but witout loosing all my balance, despite mr. Benjamins warnings!

I have brought in about €270.000. My balance is – as you can see - €216.050. I have announced, that I wanted my account closed, and I have on March the 13. made a withdraw request. No reaction at all. Just silence. I have several times tried to contact the Manager, but he is invisible, like rest of Finance. I’m afraid, that everything I have been told, is hot air and big scam, and that I never will receive my confirmed balance.

My only hope is, that I shall be the last person, who shall be scammed by, and that you will help me to spread this message all over the financial world.

I have showed this letter to and asked them to give their comments. I haven’t received any kind of reaction! My pension has gone, and I am forced to get back on the labour market again. I haven't deserved it, and I'm too old for this shit!

The proces, I have learned, is a common scamming proces, and the pattern is the same. Make sure, that their clients will loose and loose so great on one or two orders, that they he can be pushed or frightened to make a new deposits. And I jumped into the trap with both legs, no suspicion, but confidens. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

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